How to Monetize App: Selecting the Best Revenue Model?

In-App Advertising:

Mobile apps frequently use in-app advertising as a method of revenue generation. adverts can be incorporated into apps by developers, and when users view or engage with these adverts, the developers are compensated. This can include video commercials that have been paid for, interstitial ads, banner ads, and more. To ensure a favorable user experience, the number and placement of adverts must be balanced.

In-App Purchases:

Mobile gaming and some utility apps frequently offer in-app purchases. Users have the option to pay for premium features, virtual items, or the removal of adverts, according to developers. If the in-app purchases complement the primary functions of the program, the freemium business model can be quite successful.

Ad mediation:

By enabling the integration of different ad networks, ad mediation technologies assist app developers in maximizing ad revenue. The mediation software chooses the highest-paying ad from the various networks in response to an ad request, maximizing income. This tactic is especially helpful for apps with a global user base because it may guarantee that the most profitable advertising are displayed to consumers in different geographies.

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